Fund Development Strategist
Creating Successful Fundraising Campaigns
For Community Hospitals & Non Profit Organizations


J.Knowlton, Fund Development Strategist, provides a personal approach to implementing and directing successful fundraising campaigns for community hospitals and other not-for-profit organizations. John Knowlton has a commitment to listening, evaluating, and developing plans that are responsive to each situation. While some fundraising strategies are fundamental, John develops creative steps and approaches to meet individual client needs and challenges.

What We Do

J.Knowlton provides an effective program of on-site support services plus a menu of services that may be secured individually and tailored to your needs.

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Development Assessment Service
  • Strategic Planning
  • Case Statement Development
  • Board Recruitment, Training and Development
  • Solicitation Training
  • Strategic Planned Giving Service
  • Physician Giving Strategies
  • Employee Giving Program
  • Prospect Research Service
  • Grateful Patient Programs
For over 15 years John has worked with hospital foundations with extraordinarily successful outcomes. John focuses on key strategies such as:
  • Developing and articulating compelling messages and stories
  • Assessing community and donor support
  • Creating policies, recruiting board members and organizing staff
  • Identifying ideal projects for campaigns
  • Helping set fundraising goals and business plans
  • Training, coaching and encouraging volunteers and staff
  • Leading and supporting staff and volunteers with on-site support to implement plans and meet the fundraising goals